Employee handbook software for organizations of all sizes.

Employee handbook software for organizations of all sizes.

Make your employee handbook easy to manage and easy to distribute — for an affordable annual cost with no upfront fee.

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Features & Technology

Clean Catalog Comes with All This Built In

  • Accessibility
    All Clean Catalog software is WCAG 2.0 compliant. Our software can help you meet accreditation standards for accessibility and make your important documents available to the largest possible audience.
  • Buildout Done For You
    We take your current document in whatever form it's in and build it out into our software.
  • Editorial Workflows
    Build customizable workflows and permissions to ensure that content goes through the appropriate approval process.
  • Google Analytics
    Easily drop in your Google Analytics tracking code to monitor site usage.
  • Hosting
    Hosting is included in the cost of your Clean Catalog subscription. Our uptime has historically been close to perfect, and all data has daily backups stored on multiple providers.
  • SSL
    Secure HTTPS for all pages on all sites.
  • SSO
    We can work with your organization to set up single-sign-on access to our software.
  • Site Speed
    Our employeed handbooks typically have a page size of about 100kb and load in the 1 second range. For reference, the average webpage size is now roughly 2,000kb — 20 times the size of a Clean Catalog page.
  • Unlimited Users
    No caps on user accounts — have as many admin or viewing accounts as needed.